FAQs on session booking

Mike Marsh Mastering

When you book a session with Mike Marsh Mastering, or send your tracks to us, please ensure you include as much project information relating to the session as possible in order that everything goes smoothly.

The best way to book a session is via email on studio@mikemarshmastering.co.uk and Mike Hinton our Studio Manager, will guide you through the entire process and give you details on pricing and availability. Mike will remain in contact with you throughout the duration of your session and follow the work through to its completion.

Please refrain from using social media to get in touch with session related enquiries as these channels are not monitored with the same level of attention.

Useful information we would like you to include with every session:

Sessions can be attended or unattended. We do not charge different rates either way.

We do ask that if sessions are attended, attendees arrive on time for the designated session otherwise charges are made for late arrival due to studio downtime. Please also ensure that if attending a session, you bring everything with you including backups of the material that a session is booked for!

If sessions are unattended you can send your tracks to us via courier or post – please ensure we receive material 5 days ahead of your reserved session if using the post and 2 days ahead if using a courier.

If you would like to work over the Internet then we can download / upload your track(s) from, or to, your FTP server.

If you prefer, there are free services such as www.yousendit.com  or www.dropbox.com or www.sendspace.com or www.wetransfer.com/ which allow you to send files up to 100Mb.

If you choose to use these services, please use studio@mikemarshmastering.co.uk as the recipient.

When sending files over the internet, please ensure we receive all files 24 hours prior to your reserved session date. Remember to allow time for slow uploading!

Mike Marsh Mastering needs to receive payment in full before any mastered

material can leave the studio, either physically or digitally.

 If your session will be attended we take a deposit 

payment before the session takes place and then the remainder on the day,

once the session is complete.

We accept credit / debit cards, bank transfers or cash – all of our financial transactions usually take place using the

WorldPay Secure Credit Card Link System or via electronic Bank transfer

Artist name / Band name and information including individual email and contact telephone numbers

Your name and contact information including email and telephone numbers

Record company name and / or management company name

Contact information for any producer or sound engineers involved in the project

Will the session be attended and, if so, what are the name(s) of the attendee(s)?

Album name or project title

Catalogue number (if applicable) or UPC/EAN code

Correct track titles and Labelcopy

Album running order (if applicable)

ISRC Codes for each individual track (if applicable)

What format you would like the mastering for (digital download, CD or vinyl)?

We normally carry out mastering at 44.1 kHz/24-bit and supply mastered audio dithered at 44.1 kHz/16-bit. If you require mastering to be done at higher resolutions and also wish to receive higher resolution files, please advise at the time of booking the session.

What format will you be delivering your audio to us on?

(Data Files via the Internet, Data Disc, HDisk, DVD, audio CDR, DAT, analogue tapes).

Notes on any specific mastering instructions, particularly about the sound you are looking for. It is sometimes a good idea to indicate CDs or audio that you like the sound of and that you feel are a useful comparison for us to refer to. If necessary, also send audio clips (not MP3s) to make this comparison process easier.

Any notes regarding any known problems with mixes that you would like special attention paid to.

Would you like Mike Marsh Mastering to compile an album project for you or will you be doing this yourself? If you would like us to do this, please let us know if you have any specific instructions or whether you would like us to do as we feel best.

As a part of the mastering session do you need mix variations mastering as well?

(instrumental mixes, TV mixes, PA mixes, radio edits).

What formats do you expect to receive after the mastering process is complete?

(CD masters / lacquers / reference CDRs / files over the Internet?

If you require physical masters or reference discs, how many do you require?

Contact details and delivery address for any manufacturing plant you wish us to ship mastered material directly to.

Who will be paying for the session and by what means. We accept Bank Transfers, credit / debit card payments via secure WorldPay link or cash).

Company VAT / TVA number (if applicable) of the company / individual who will be paying for the session.