Mike Marsh Mastering

Ben, our new apprentice started in September 2019

Ben Marsh expressed a very early interest in working within the music industry soon into his secondary school education. He’s always been fascinated with the music-making process and was exposed to it from a very young age, even teaching himself to play drums by the time he reached six years old.

Watching his dad at work gave him a very clear direction into his chosen career path!

Having also had hands-on experience, behind the scenes at many live shows, festivals and stadium venues watching the crews of The Chemical Brothers and Calvin Harris do their thing, Ben quickly felt at home amongst the myriad mixing desks, cables and computers!

After completing his GCSEs, he enrolled at Exeter College and studied on the Music, Technology and Production Course (an equivalent of 3 A-Levels) under the watchful eye of legendary engineer, Ian Rossiter who was often to be found working alongside Nellee Hooper, back in the day!

Becoming quickly familiarised with a studio environment and writing and recording himself, and for others, he quickly got to grips with all the major technical aspects of making music and honed his skills working quickly with Logic Pro-X.

Ben has always had a strong work ethic and determination to achieve and succeed, and he knew that as soon as he left college, he wanted to start work!

Of course, that’s not always easy within the music industry – so that’s where his dad came in handy!

Mike Marsh Mastering is extremely proud to announce that Ben Marsh is joining his dad at the studio to be trained in all aspects of mastering music for the 21st century music industry. Being able to sit in with his dad on sessions, which will act like a mastering engineers’ masterclass and it’s hoped that Ben will become a fully-fledged, stand-alone respected mastering engineer within the industry, capable of driving the studio forward, well into the future.

Ben will also be fully trained on the operation of the Neumann VMS70 Disc Cutting Lathe and all aspects of mastering for the vinyl format which looks to continue its appeal with the record-buying public for many years to come, making him likely to become the youngest disc-cutting engineer in the world!

You will also find Ben playing a big part with our social media activities, looking to connect with our large client-portfolio and providing more of an insight into things that go on behind the scenes at Mike Marsh Mastering!!

Welcome Ben!